Microsoft Word Mail Merge Tips

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Mail merge is a word processing feature which allows users to personalize letters with names and addresses from a database.

The five primary steps in setting up a mail-merged letter are :

  • Create the database with fields for the names and addresses of the individuals to send the letter to.
  • Compose the letter by using a word processing package and connect the letter to the database.
  • Make use of a query to discover a subset of relevant individuals and send a targeted letter to them.
  • Using the mail merge wizard, enter codes in the letter exactly where the name and address of your customers should appear.
  • Merge-print, taking the information from the database and adding it in the letters, creating one letter for each individual in the subset of appropriate people from the database.


  • One regular letter can be written and sent out to all customers without needing to manually add each name and address.
  • The letter could, in fact, be personalized so that it looks as though the letter has been written to the individual person.
  • It’s a very effective and efficient way to create hundreds of personalized letters.
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