Political And Election Mail, What You Should Know

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With Direct mails taking over the political world of campaigning you will need to know what types there are and what you should know about each of them. Political and Direct mails are both key strategies from the direct mailing system that when used correctly show tremendous increase in your amount of voters thus propelling you to victory. Direct mails give a more personal effect than emails, television ads or even phone calls. They reach out and bring in voters in their numbers across various demographics. Direct mails could be letters, brochures, itineraries, catalogs, or pamphlets. The idea is that it has to be of a portable size. Now, If you are looking for victory in the forth coming elections, you are in luck, this article will tell you all you need to know about direct mails.

You will have to determine the type of direct mail you want to send based on your purpose, luckily Direct mails are of two basic types

  • Political Direct Mail
  • Election Mail

The political direct mail being the former is one that is sent by a candidate, campaign committee or party for the sole purpose of creating awareness and promoting the candidate. Here the slogan, headlines, agenda, and general manifesto of the candidate together with his/her picture is made known to the constituents. Political mails have the candidate’s campaign address as the return address.

Election mails are made available for only authorized persons and officials. They include voters cards, registration information, absentee forms, mail-in ballots, polling units notifications and any other relevant information regarding the election processes. Both election mails and political mails have the backing of the United States Postal Service (USPS)

Now you need to know that your direct mail needs to be written really well to be effective. After selecting the demographic you are sending them to, next is to start writing the mail. Starting from the salutation, design, structure and readability, the content of all direct mails must be written to rouse interest.

For salutation, it is after all a letter and an informal one at that. All salutations should begin with the name of the bearer e.g Dear John instead of Dear sir, for a more personalized effect. This makes the receiver feel known and connected with the candidate.

To prevent direct mails from getting tossed into the thrash the second it is opened, you will need to really put in time and effort in designing it. Bold colors portray strength and confidence of the candidate and should be used. Your headlines and slogans should be attention grabbing and generally compelling.

Incorporate your personal story and motivation into your direct mail in order to seem more relatable to your constituents. The people need to know if they can trust you with their futures and your direct mail and general campaign needs to show your zeal and worthiness


Studies have shown that direct mails possess the ability to spike candidates acceptability and ratings by a staggering 55%. When written right they are very effective. Don’t worry about emails, use direct mails and victory is yours.

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