Political Direct Mail Tips and Tricks For Success

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Enhance The Sensory With Your Direct Mail

In a study, direct mail marketing campaigns with more sensory details had a 30% more of an impact than non-sensory direct mail. This study demonstrated that mail that had scent or even auditory added enhance the audience’s motivation ratio. You can even use colored envelopes or paper to engage the reader’s senses. This will enhance the experience and make your audience want to engage with your campaign.

Personalize Your Campaign

Direct Mail gives you the ability to personalize your message in a way that digital media cannot. Organize your campaign’s messages to specific sections of your audience and it will create influence with a deeper personal impact. If an individual feels that there is a personal connection with the mail or persuasive messages they received, they are more likely to engage and act with that message.  According to USPS statistic 44% of mail addressed to a person is opened immediately. If you want your voters to engage with your campaign direct mail is the best way to do this.

Move Your Audience Towards Digital With Direct Mail

Direct mail is also a great way to increase the traffic and buzz of your campaign towards social media platforms. This is a great way to elevate the marketing ability of your campaign. In response to direct mail 54% of people engage with social media, 44% visit a website, and 43% ordered a product which demonstrates their move to action. This shows that using direct mail pushes and motivates other actions that go beyond looking at the screen. These are some ways direct mail can elevate and enhance your campaign.

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