Get More Bang For Your Buck With Political Direct Mail

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The Return On Investments Are Worthwhile

According to a USPS study, 60% of business believe that a direct mail marketing investment won’t yield the same ROI as a digital campaign. However, this study demonstrates that the ROI is the same and with its other physical impacts, it could actually lead to more motivational results than a digital marketing campaign alone. You can place special bar-coding to measure the response rates from your direct mail

Target Your Audience

Targeting your audience with your direct mail marketing campaign is the best way to make sure your using your marketing budget efficiently. If you strategize which envelope is landing in which house it will yield more success that will return in your favor as well. Know which demographics fit your campaign’s platform and message. Statistics demonstrate that direct mail marketing yields more motivation and engagement versus digital media platforms

Compare Discount Packaging With Mailing Companies

Each mailing company has their pricing depending on the style of your campaign. Consider size, weight, and packaging costs that are provided by your the mailing company you are outsourcing. The company that works towards your marketing goals while giving you the best price is the one worth pursuing. Allow Letter Hub to elevate your campaign.

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