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Debt collection agencies and debt collectors provide an essential service in our country: ensuring that businesses that have provided goods and services to others get paid for their work. Without their work, others would not be held responsible for failing to pay their bills and benefiting from businesses and individuals.

One of the crucial tasks of debt collection agencies is mailing collection letters to debtors to inform them about their balance and their options for action. This job can be a big one and one that requires quite a bit of space, time, resources, and money. Collection agencies may have to mail any or all of the following types of correspondence:

  • Collection Letters
  • Statements and bills.
  • Late payment notices.
  • Invoices.
  • News and updates.
  • Marketing materials.

Outsource Your Statement Printing & Mailing With Letter HUB

Printing, processing, and mailing your collection letters and notices requires work, particularly for collection agencies who are often frequently reaching out to debtors about their payments and balances. Not only do you need special machinery and trained employees, you also need dedicated space for both the task and materials (paper, envelopes, etc .). Nevertheless, although you may have established an efficient process, the simple truth is that outsource providers dedicated to printing and processing can likely do it faster–and charge you less than it takes you to do it yourself.

You will discover a large number of advantages to outsourcing your collection letter printing and mailing to Letter HUB. Here are just a few:

  • You save money.
  • You save time.
  • You protect your data and information better.
  • Your addressees get their correspondence faster.
  • You get paid by debtors faster.
  • You have a guaranteed turnaround time.
  • You receive quality assurance reports.
  • You save on personnel.
  • You increase morale in your office.
  • You improve your cash flow.
  • You save space.
  • You save on buying materials.
  • You save on printing and mailing equipment.

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