The Advantages of Direct Mail Over Email Marketing

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The increased attention of marketers on direct mail recently has increased, compared to how it was recently ignored. This turn to direct mailing is as a result of observed advantages it has over emails, advantages that make it easier for marketers to achieve their goal than with email. The advantages of direct mail over email marketing is discussed in this article to provide insight on the turn of marketers towards the direct mailing.

  1. Statistics have shown that direct mail averagely has a higher response than email: This statistics result have helped to strengthen as well as build up a faith in direct mail. Marketers want to see response to their campaigns and ads and since direct mailing is giving them that more than emails, this advantage is attracting more marketers towards considering this form of marketing.
  2. Direct mail marketing allows marketers to target their audience: when it comes to reaching the right audience, half of the job is in knowing the right audience and the other half is in knowing how to get to them. Unlike emails that are more generic in their reach direct mail allows marketers to reach target audience in zones. For instance, marketer can advertise a product patronized by millennials by targeting the mails to areas occupied by millennials.
  3. Direct mails are more memorable than email: because direct mail appeal to more than one sense organ (sight and touch) it is more memorable than emails are. As a result even when an immediate response is not gotten, respondents remember letters and ads that came in the mail than the ones they got via email.
  4. There is no spam box for direct messages: direct messages give marketer some power over being heard that emails do not because with direct mails, recipients do not have the option of directing the messages to spam. As long as the mail comes, they must receive it. Direct mail has more trust than email: statistical review also showed that recipients are more likely to trust the content of a direct mail than they would an email. This is good news for marketing as customers can trust a product advertised via direct mail and can proceed to patronize the service providers or companies sending the mail.
  5. Lesser amount of companies are using direct mail marketing than email marketing: this is an advantage because it means that there is less competition on the marketing strategy being effective when direct mail is used. Fewer mails to read mean that people take more time reading each and hence are more likely to respond to them.
  6. Direct mail marketing can be personalized: marketers can get the chance to give their customers a taste of the products they are marketing like a perfumed patch in the mail or even to hand out free gifts and so on unlike with emails.

In conclusion direct mail marketing offers things that email do not and that can be stream lined to the avenue for personalization and it is an advantage that has shown to generate positive response on customers.

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