Top 3 Mail Merge Errors To Avoid

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One problem with using mail merge to produce documents is that you run a greater risk of making additional errors compared to if you created each of your documents separately. In case you are not very knowledgeable about mail merge, the chance of making disastrous mistakes that might mess up your documents is much higher. However, even if you’re experienced at mail merge, you’ll still need to proofread your documents.

Here are the most common mail merge errors that you should avoid:


It is essential that you examine closely whether you inserted all the required information needed for an effective mail merge. It is relatively simple to ignore a field when you are creating your document. Pay special attention to addresses and more notably, ZIP codes. You should also make sure that the greeting lines or other areas where you have inserted numerous fields in the sequence are all filled out properly.


Even though this might seem like common sense, you might be amazed at how many individuals screw up their mail merges simply because they did not check for precision. To ensure the accuracy of your mail merge, you need to make certain you inserted the correct fields in the correct locations. In case you have fields with similar names, it is all too easy to insert the wrong one.

If you discover you’re making this error regularly, it is recommended that you re-evaluate the names you’re giving your fields to prevent any future misunderstandings


Spacing might not appear to be the most significant factor when working with mail merges, however, spacing does indeed play a significant factor. Sometimes it might be difficult to tell how many spaces you have entered in a document.

The utilization of mail merge fields makes it even more difficult to tell, especially when they are close together. You may also discover that you have missing spaces altogether. It is essential to check your document to ensure that you have spaces between all the fields otherwise, the end result will just be a number of substantial illegible run-on words.

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