5 Reasons Why Direct Mail isn’t Dead

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If you think that Direct Mail is outdated and of no use to you, then think again! Even in the digital era, papers still have not lost their relevance and use. You may not write letters but that does not necessarily mean that the people aren’t using letters anymore. In fact, statistics show that Direct Mail Marketing is a great way to reach your intended target audience and is still relevant today.

The following are five reasons that prove the usefulness of Direct Mail:

1. More Perceptible

In the virtual space, you cannot directly come in contact with your audience. Understanding the demographics of the target audience in the digital space is difficult. But with Direct Mail Marketing, you will clearly know who your audience is.

2. With Direct Mail Marketing it is Easy to Recall a Brand

Suppose you have gift vouchers sent to you- One via an email, the other through Direct Mail. What are the chances that you will remember that this gift voucher is sitting in your inbox with hundreds of other emails and offers? But the gift coupon that you have received through direct mail is easy to remember because it remains in your sight.

3. Accessible to everybody

The awesome thing about direct mail marketing is that it’s easily accessible to everyone. Pretty much everyone you know has a mailbox and receives letters. So, this just shows how easy it is to reach your potential customers.

4. Appeals to your senses

You can touch a coupon. See its design, feel the contours of the paper with your fingers and smell it. Marketers can use this sensory aspect to attract their target audience with creativity.

5. Higher response rate

Statistics prove that direct mail has a higher response rate when compared to emails. The reason is simple. The number of emails sent to you daily is a lot more than the number of direct mails that you would receive in your mailbox.

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