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Have you considered the benefits of direct mail marketing? Did you know the benefits and advantages to using mail marketing versus the digital?  Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that direct mail is dead, however statistics demonstrate the mail marketing has the potential to have impact and greater advantages the media marketing does not.

The Personal Can Be Strong

According to a survey, 59% of businesses say targeting is one of their top reasons for direct mail. The ability to target your audience with what they want to hear is a new possibility with direct mail. The more unique and memorable this experience becomes the easier it will be for  your audience to resonate with that message.

The Physical Is Better

According to the Digital Marketing Association (DMA), people of all ages still like to receive to receive mail. Research demonstrates the personal mail gives a personal connection. People are bombarded with emails daily. This demonstrates that people like to connect with the messages that they receive.

According to a USPS statistic, 60% of businesses hold onto the myth that direct mail has a high cost per impression. While direct mail marketing can be a larger investment, statistics demonstrate that direct mail marketing has the same ROI that digital campaigns have.

Social Media is Exhausting The Mind

People are overwhelmed with media notifications and emails flood their inboxes every day. This influx of information naturally causes voters to go on autopilot. They are not connecting with the branding messages that are meant for connection. This demonstrates the disconnect digital marketing easily fosters. Since, the overwhelming amounts messages are being funneled into one medium, this means other mediums are not as crammed.  This is good news because that leaves physical mailboxes empty and open.

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