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Is your campaign slacking. Are you out of options, are your ratings low. With elections just around the corner, every candidate will require an efficient campaign strategy. Instead of investing in television ads and counter ads for your opponents, invest in direct mail. Direct mail is believed to have been the driving force behind Trumps victory. The significance of receiving a mail from a political candidate is really grand. First the receiver/voter realizes that you know where he/she lives and immediately feels a connection with you. Then it gives them more of a personal effect to your campaign. Makes them feel like you really care about them.

With Direct Mail experiencing a current increase in general ratings, you may want to check it out. Direct mail (when written well of course) is very effective in getting you more voters as a candidate and actually bringing them out to the polling units. When combined with digital marketing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, direct mails will lift your responses and ratings by a mouthwatering 118%. Yikes right. Millennials love social media and they constitute about 55 percent of the total number of registered voters in America. Combining these two entities will really give you the upper hand in the race.

Instead of sending out emails which may never get to the reader because it may be deleted or grouped as spam, send a direct mail to your voters. Though emails are seemingly less expensive than direct mails, direct mails get the job done. Now direct mails can be letters, brochures, pamphlets, itineraries, or even postcards sent to voters/citizens via their mailbox. Unlike television and radio ads that are aired for pretty much anyone with cable TV to watch, direct mail directly targets the demographic of voters you want.

Before sending out direct mails, there are a few guidelines every candidate should know

  • Your content should be accurate. Your mail is a way of marketing your campaign, yourself and you as a brand. All information provided must be accurate and not ambiguous. Feel free to personalize it. Add a paragraph or two about your story and what your inspiration is. Addressing the receiver by his/her name instead of dear sir/madam makes the receiver feel known and recognized.
  • Your direct mail design should have the ability to capture ones attention. Most direct mails are tossed out the thrash once the reader realizes what it is, and because of this your direct mail needs to exude attention. Bright pictures, bold colors, inscriptions, catchy headings and slogans all need to be included.
  • Your direct mail needs to be compelling. After all, are vying for the support of voters in their numbers to lead you to victory, so your mail needs to portray your strength, agenda, charisma and potential. This is for an election which when you win, you will be serving the people by leading them. The voters want to know your capability before they entrust you with about 4 years of their life and future, so your direct mail should prove your worthiness and capacity.


Direct mail is one strategy that is very sustainable. With most generations tuning into it, you may want to try it out because once you incorporate direct mails into your race you have already won.

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