Political Campaign Tips

 In Direct Mail

1. Personalize Your Platform

Direct Mail gives you the ability to personalize your message in a way that digital media cannot. Organize your campaign’s messages to specific sections of your audience and it will create influence with a deeper personal impact.If an individual feels that there is a personal connection with the mail or persuasive messages they received, they are more likely to engage and act with that message.

Direct Mail marketing gives you this ability to connect on a deeper level and in a more targeted and strategized way. If each marketing mail packet received by a voter would make them feel connected to your campaign’s candidate. This will more likely make it possible for them to trust your campaign and wind up voting in your favor.

2. Target your audience

If you have the right information on what your audience’s concerns, beliefs, and political concerns are, than you’ll have leverage in being the more persuasive campaign. If you target your audience with personalized messages with their beliefs in a direct mail campaign, a neuromarketing science study demonstrates that they will not only “process it easily but have better memory recall on the message specifically.”

A neuromarketing study demonstrates, Direct mail marketing has a 20% higher motivational response rate versus digital media. If you want voters to not only trust and engage your campaign but also be motivated to act in your favor, than a targeted and strategic mail campaign will yield these results.

3. Engaging All the Senses Tells A Richer And More Personal Story

In this same neuromarketing study, “Sensory direct mail out performed non-sensory direct mail’s motivational score by 12%.” Mail marketing messages that engaged other senses such as auditory or had a scent had a persuasive and engaging story, therefore making it more memorable. If you target your audience to the specific beliefs your campaign has with a more engaging presentation. It is more likely to motivate your consumers to voter your way.

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